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A recent article on bioarchiv “Amending published articles: time to rethink retractions and corrections?”┬áputs forwards ideas on how we might change the way we deal with retractions and corrections. (more…)

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A superb FGF Gordon Research Conference closes. One frequent question was the identity of the first paper on FGFs . Thankfully it is a paper published by a learned society, so it is available from the Company of Biologists as a PDF.

Studies on the growth of tissues in vitro VI. The effects of some tissue extracts on the growth of periosteal fibroblasts

Trowell, OA and Willmer, EN

JOURNAL OF EXPERIMENTAL BIOLOGY Volume: 16 Issue: 1 Pages: 60-70 Published: JAN 1939

Well worth a read in my opinion. When I first got a copy from the library, I caught a bad cold from the dust on the volume. Now the PDF is available, this should no longer be a problem!


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