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New Dr

Congratulations to Kat Uniwiecz who had her PhD viva this morning. Her thesis impressed and she is now transformed into “Dr”! It is always sad when people go, but this is outweighed by the pleasure of seeing them progress, not to mention the opportunity of great discussions at meetings, etc.


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Membrane protein dynamics – Seminar

Membrane dynamics of the Serotonin1A receptor
Prof. Amit Chattophadhyay
Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology, Hyderabad
Friday 8th October 2010
1pm Physiology seminar room

Amit is interested in how the cell surface is organised and specifically the role of the cytoskeleton and membrane lipids in receptor organisation and function. He uses advanced fluorescence microscopy techniques to monitor receptor spatiotemporal dynamics on the nanoscale. In a distinguished career that began in Biophysics before partially migrating into cell biology he has published over 100 peer reviewed articles. He is Associate Director of the CCMB – a premier Indian Institute focussing on cell and molecular biology.

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Leica Seminar

Leica Seminar, Tuesday 12th October at 5pm
Lecture Theatre 1, Life Sciences Building
Professor Paul Selvin from the Department of Physics, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign will be giving a seminar entitled
“Super Accuracy and Super Resolution (Made Super Easy)”
A fantastic series of seminars – 5 star – and this one promises to be fascinating
It really was excellent – super good!

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