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Today we published a preprint at PeerJ that describes a program Changye Sun wrote to analyse and view differential scanning fluorimetry data. This is a brilliant technique for studying interactions of small and no so small molecules with proteins.  We focus on protein-polysacchairde interactions, but it works equally well in numerous other settings, including screening for enzyme inhibitors.

The code and compiled versions of the program are on GitHub – there is a link in the preprint.  The preprint also provides exemplar raw data, which are used in worked examples and a user manual.

It’s free, its open, so enjoy!



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Congratulations Dr Li and Dr Sun

Congratulations Dr Li and Dr Sun

Yong Li successfully defended his PhD thesis on Monday November 16 and Changye Sun on Tuesday November 17. For that instant they were both “Docs”, now they are Postdocs!

It has been a big adventure for both, a lot of hard work, interspersed with play of course. Now its onto the next stage of career and life.

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