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The Fibroblast Growth Factor Gordon Research conference is biennial, so it almost follows a Martian calendar and next year it will be five years old. The fifth Gordon Research conference on Fibroblast Growth Factors will be held in Ventura, California, March 1-7 2014. This is THE meeting for all things FGF and assembles an eclectic mix of leaders in the field, young PIs, industry scientists and scientists in training. A Gordon Research Seminar will precede the full meeting. This was introduced at the last GRC (May 2012) and was very successful. (more…)


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Prof Uwe Straehle from the Karslruhe Institute of Technology will deliver a seminar entitled “The zebrafish as a model for development and maintenance of the nervous system and the musculature”at 2 pm on Thursday August 30 in LT3, Life Sciences Building.

Uwe Straehle works on the regeneration of the muscular and nervous systems in zebrafish. A major focus of his work is the elucidation of the genetic networks controlling the differentiation, function and responses to environmental insults of these tissues.

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