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I’m looking for an explanation for these data. Can anyone figure out how 1-3 below add up? I don’t think the answer can be “science”, “evidence based decision making” or “square root of 36”, but I am happy to be corrected.

1. A subject of a previous posting (and here), an image from a Nature Materials paper is re-used for a different experiment in a subsequent PNAS article. This warranted a correction.

2. Recently posted on Retraction Watch, a rapid retraction in PNAS, after an error was pointed out by a Nobel Laureate

3. Another recent posting on Retraction Watch on a retraction at Translational Research. This retraction was preceded by a correction, where the re-used data were replaced by other data. The correction states “figures 4A∼4I were incorrect”, without any allusion to the re-use of data. Only after an investigation by Nagoya City University and the University requesting a retraction did the journal pull the paper.

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