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There is a most revealing guest post on Raphael’s blog by Philip Moriarty, from the University of Nottingham entitled “Request for raw data: author’s and editors’ responses“. Philip Moriarty has apparently been trying to obtain some of the raw STM data of nanoparticles with stripy ligand shells since mid December from Francesco Stellacci.
Without success.
In his guest post, Philip Moriarty details the stonewalling from Francesco Stellacci and the editorial responses to his subsequent requests to the journals. This paints a rather disturbing picture. Funding agencies generally require that data be shared and certainly be available for a number of years, as do journals that subscribe to COPE guidelines. If the STM images that have been published by Francesco Stellacci do indeed support the formation of stripes on nanoparticles, then surely there can be no issues with sharing the raw data to allow others to analyse them? Indeed, giving such data to an SPM specialist might even generate further publications. Unfortunately, if there is nothing intrinsically wrong with the data and the ligands do indeed form stripes on nanoparticles, the refusal to share data to the point at which recourse has to be made to the journal editors (who can do no more than request the data) can only lead the onlooker to a rather dark conclusion. This conclusion is perhaps best summed up by Marcellus’ words in Hamlet, Act 1, scene iv (line 90 in the link) “Something is rotten in the state of Denmark“.

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