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I have been prompted to write this post following a number of unrelated events two of which are:
(1) Comments on Raphael’s blog “Stripy nanoparticles revisited” post.
The comment, by Someone has to say it, states that one is either a scientist or a blogger. I would note that of all the comments, this is the only one that is not civil and borders on Trolling. However, if we take this comment at face value, then we have a simple statement to consider: “Blogging is not science?”

(2) Continued comments on Science Fraud.
A veritable litany here. Not always civil, but the blogger doubtless has a lot of Trolls to put up with. Just to take one recent example, commenter “John” (and here) makes in essence a similar point to “Someone has to say it” and, moreover, argues that the fact that Science Fraud is entirely anonymous detracts from the validity of its postings. (more…)

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