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Countdown to “workshop”

The A*STAR University of Liverpool workshop is taking shape. Virtually everything has been done by Jon Hobley at IMRE. Without his help it would never have seen the light of day. So Sunday was devoted to basic secretarial work, pulling together itineraries for 20 academic staff, extracting 20 CVs from one large PDF and sending e-mails left right and centre to A*STAR investigators across nine Research Institutes.

So far so good and we are in good shape, a few final details to figure out with Jon on Monday, including the venue for dinner! Somewhere convivial where people can mix. My own preference would be a Hawker Centre, a brilliant Singaporean invention, perfectly designed for stimulating networking, but probably not to everyone’s taste.
then on to NUS, followed by NTU on Friday and a reception at the British Embassy.

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A great day at Jurong Bird Park

Arrived in Singapore on Thursday with the family and went into work after a few hours after landing, while the family wisely slept.
On Friday we went to the Jurong Bird Park. This was very, very good. The rain held off and the range of birds and the scale of the environment they are kept in were most impressive. Some of the birds seem to have the freedom of the sky, yet for some reason don’t stray away – I guess they like the forest, rather than the open and urban country that surrounds the bird park.

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