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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Santa is gearing up for his big annual journey. As Terry Pratchet noted in his novel “The Hogfather”, he must be a quantum being, in all places at once, at his will. We never see him, because if we did, then his wave function would collapse.
In the meantime, all the best to members of the lab, past and present. Time to relax, consume lovely foods painstakingly produced by amazingly skilled people and recharge the batteries.


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A slow review for this one but now Ula and Tarja’s paper Co-operation of FGF receptor and Klotho is involved in excretory canal development and regulation of metabolic homeostasis in C. elegans is out in J Biol. Chem. “Growth factors are hormones” to quote Gordon Sato, it really does work. The link between morphogens and the control of development and metabolic regulation is both deep and very intriguing: both are integral to the metazoan “lifestyle”, both are dependent on integrated cell communication systems, yet the two are pursued by people in very different fields, except for those working on FGFs.

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