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Back to Blighty

After a final push at IMRE, Jon’s grants are looking good the local politics messy and so there was just one lat thing to do – g down for a bite to eat and a beer in Pasir Panjang village with Paul, David and Jon. Beer is good before a flight – not too much, but enough to send you to sleep for 8 h. We sort out a few final details, including the future PhD student programme and then I go off to the street to grab a cab.
On the plane, lucky again – an empty seat next to me. Makes all the difference, though not as nice as having all three seats to oneself…
In Munich half the plane got off and was replaced by early morning travellers to Manchester – though I still kept my empty seat. Thank you SIA!
Here the sky is grey, just like in Singapore, but the wind is howling and it is just a few degrees colder. A day to adapt I think.

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